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Education & related wok experiences:
Fu Jen catholic University, B.S in Psychology

California Institute of Integral Studies.
M.A, Counseling Psychology – Drama Therapy

Taipei Juvenile Detention House
Parent-Child Relationship Enhancement Group Assistant

Malcolm X elementary school
Assistant and actress of Teaching empathy & anti-bully playback theatre/Drama therapy group

Living Art Counseling Center
Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern (IMF79696)

Doug Ronning Psychotherapy
Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern (IMF79696)

Mental Research Institute – Strategic Family Therapy Clinic
Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern (IMF79696)


Why I want to be a psychotherapist? 

When I was a kid and had a hard time, I wish I had someone who could listen to me, and see my struggle; When I was a teenager and had a hard time, I got support from school counselor and experienced the healing power of art, yet I wish I had more; When I met my first therapist, I felt safe, relieved, seen, and not alone.

Therefore, I dedicate my career to provide a non-judgmental, confidential and creative space to people who are having a hard time and don’t want to be alone.

Your story is different from mine, and you are the expert of your life. As a therapist, my goal is to support you to create the life you want.

My believe

I believe within every person is a seed in which beauty and wisdom can sprout with proper guidance and nourishment. I will provide you with a genuinely supportive, professional perspectives, and nurturing environment to foster the growth of this seed.

I respect all the differences. Rather than teacher or leader, I am a facilitator and nutrition supply in order to make sure you have enough energy to break through the obstacles and inhibitions and grow into the plants you really want to be.

How I work? 

Having trained in Drama Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Gottman Couple Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Strategic Family therapy, I utilize creative arts techniques, such as drawing, role-play, sand tray, along with talk therapy based on your willingness and readiness. I help you to deal with current issues, and reach your therapeutic goals through powerful, aesthetic experiences.

Wondering what my services are and who I work with ?    What’s Drama Therapy?  

I sincerely invite you to join me in exploring and embracing your true self, to ultimately claim fulfillment in this one precious life.