Children process and transform their life experiences and emotions through play and creativity with appropriate support and guidance. Compared with traditional talk therapy, Drama Therapy and Expressive Art Therapy connect with children and adolescents in both verbal and non-verbal ways, which is less threatening and more engaging than talking alone. Children and adolescents typically develop new coping skills, regulate their emotions, and enhance self-esteem through the process. Family dynamics and parenting usually play critical roles in child/adolescent therapy, so I recommend that family members participate in our first session.

Children/Adolescents usually resist the idea of therapy in the beginning. It sounds scary and uncomfortable. However, they will gradually become excited about it as the therapeutic relationship builds up. I will support them in the journey towards finding their inner wisdom and the resilience that is already within them.

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  • Life transition (Geographic re-location, separation, bereavement)
  • Social difficult with peers
  • Self-esteem
  • Identity issues